Enter Soul

soul sweater “22” - unreleased

Death Metal x Soul “22”-unreleased 

SoulGer (KWK) 

SoulGer (soul)

G.R.I.M. x SoulNet “23”- 1/1 

SoulGer (Terry)

SoulGerz (GRIM)

Soul Beanie “22” - 1/1

Project Soul- Teaser for Drop No.2 Reborn

Reborn- Teaser Art

Blinded by the Mind- From the Net Doodles Collection 


Soul’s Halloween costume “22”

Soul (Downtown)

Soul (wild)

Soul (Robbery)

Die 2 Live - Teaser 

one of my first creations #made in the trap

i made this piece with bleach, a pack of markers , and some paintbrushes which was my only supplies at the time .

this was the original birth of the vision for SoulNet (not having much but still being able to create)

SoulGer (Daniel) 

fun fact -Daniel was the first person to have a 1/1 made and the first person to Order from my website when I dropped Shoutout Daniel!

“Ascending from Madness “

SoulGer (Nate) in a 1/1 SoulNet sweater 

Advertisement for the drop of SoulNet  

The Aura of Evol - Net Doodles Collection 

SoulNet 1/1 hoodie “22” 

SoulGer (Pierre)

SoulGer PFP

SoulGer PFP

Piece analysis 

Die 2 Live sweater  1/2 “23”

Die 2 Live sweater 2/2 

# 2 screen

SoulGer (JB)



SoulNet Jacket 1/1 ( 🍄🍃) 

Eternal Twins PFP also a Collectible Pin

SoulNet Bandanna-

SoulNet - wallpaper (blue)

SoulGerz-  1st Photoshoot 

Fun Fact - they’re all 1/1’s



Just messing around w some yarn 

Advertisement for the drop of SoulNet

Reborn - “Evolution of A street artist” 

Jophiel The angel of Art x SoulNet 

“Human” ( Society’s disguise) advertisement 4 the drop 

SoulNet ( Seasonal Pfp)

- Ring around a Rosie


 “Where’s soul “

“Reborn” Advertisement 

House Party- Part of The Reborn collection 

- Inspired by The Project X movie & based on real conversations at parties 

- 4 The Dog lov’rs 

X- Girl Poster 

Reborn Poster 


Reborn - Advertisement 

The Day I finished “Reborn” exhausted * ( Lab Messy)

I hope this inspired u in someway to create 

thank u 4 viewing,  this page specifically is updated weekly so be sure check back in 

                                 Love my SoulGer’s 

(Reborn Photoshoot) Shot By - 4KYE 

Reborn Soul Hoodie 1/1 (spray paint) 

SoulGer Pins ( Art inspired by mowalola)

“Plastic” feeling blue?

Trapped Angels / Rapture…

Trapped in the chi , Trapped in a mindset, Trapped in sin 

Still running away from the wickedness of the world in search of a peace , deliverance. - To the soulgerz in the Chi keep hustling keep shining, we’re unfadable. 

Soldier's Nest - Survivor of the jungle , dweller of the jungle 

the birth place of a great creative .


Do you care if I’m High?